Kompi Text Aja 1.3 Blogger Template


Compi Text Only because in this template it only displays text without images, especially on the front page. However, users can still display Youtube images and videos on the posting page.


  • Loading cepat di homepage, khususnya untuk mobile, cek di sini.
  • Loading cepat di halaman postingan, cek di sini.
  • Lulus Data Terstruktur
  • Mudah dalam mengganti warna background primary
  • 3 kolom
  • Sticky sidebar
  • Fixed header
  • Lazy loading Adsense
  • Adsense di tengah atikel
  • Lazy loading image
  • Play video onclick
  • Tersedia tombol, spoiler, dan tabel responsive
  • Lazy loading Disqus dan show hide comment
  • Lazy loading AddThis share tool
  • Related post
  • Random post di sidebar


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